was set up to help local children with their education and general well being. Many poor children in the area are not able to attend school because they can not afford even the most basic school supplies needed.

    The goal is to find individual children, orphans, semi orphans, handicapped and those who are unable to attend school for various reasons, and support them with school fees, uniforms, stationary and medical assistance where needed. the projects' goal is to be able to support them throughout their entire schooling years.We put a special emphasis on young girls as they are generally less likely to receive education as it is the mans job in india to financially support the family. Therefore boys are given priority on limited education money.

         Our project is based on the good will of wonderful Indian and western volunteers who linked their stay in Tiruvannamalai with this projects' activities. We try besides supporting the children individualy, we have cultural programs, fun and educational days for the street children in our area. (Look at the photos...). In such days we try to bring a smile and a laughter to the face and hearts of children who experience daily existantial difficulties in their daily life.

               We need continuous support as there is much work to be done and the project expands as more children and parents need help all the time, asking to take their children under the wings of the project. Unfortunately our progress is based on the financial situation of the trust, created specifically for this project. If you desire to help don't hesitate to contact us. We'll let you know of our future activities. Any kind of help is deeply much appreciated. Whether by buying our greeting cards, donation to the project, or participating as a volunteer in our cultural, fun & educational events. Be blessed for your good will.




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