is a small homely cyber cafe located in Tiruvannamalai, very close to Ramana Ashram, with the beautiful view of mount Arunachala.

From our own experience we came to know that the tourist are looking for a good reliable communication and information center in Tiruvannamalai, so in September 2000 we have opened Shanti Internet Café.

After 6 years of experience and service, we grew up and now we are also offering a travel service to arrange taxis, to help with tickets for flights and trains, to exchange foreign money, and you can access the internet faster as we have got high speed broadband connection.
In this nice community center we provide you a warm atmosphere to work, with a cup of tea and soft back ground music.

If you are planning to come to our part of the world or would like to get information, you are welcome to contact us:




Sh@nti online /